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The Tretchikoff Project is the commercial arm of the Tretchikoff Foundation and holds the master license to the Tretchikoff Imagery. The Tretchikoff Project is responsible for developing a line of merchandise under the umbrella of the Tretchikoff Brand. The Tretchikoff Project also licenses the imagery for commercial use and manages such contracts.

The Tretchikoff Project team are Natasha Swift and Ari Lazaris. The pair have combined their skills in marketing, brand building and retail to launch Tretchikoff Brand in 2011 and are steadily growing the brands product offering. If you wish to be a part of the Tretchikoff Brand, please do send us an email at

The Brand


The story of the "Lucky" Pigeon

One morning while painting in his studio preparing for his first solo exhibition, Tretchikoff had an unexpected visitor; a plump pigeon, which arrived as if by magic through the balcony door. Being very superstitious, he took the pigeon’s arrival as a good omen because in Russia it is good luck to be visited by a bird.

Then, if the presence of the bird wasn’t exciting enough, Tretchikoff noticed that the numbers on the pigeon’s identification ring added up to 13 - his lucky number! The cheeky pigeon was invited to become part of the family and in doing so, Tretchikoff’s luck started to take a turn for the better. Every day the Lucky Pigeon would sit on the top of his easel keeping the master company. Today, the Lucky Pigeon lives on as a seal of an official Vladimir Tretchikoff Product.

Product ranges:
  • Dinnerware
  • TableTop
  • Home Accent
  • Accessories
  • Stationary
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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Tretchikoff Brand stands to awaken passion, creativity and possibility in the lives of our youth. For this reason, a percentage of all our profits are donated to organizations that are aligned with our mission to encourage as well as support more individuals to express their passions and do what they love, no matter what.

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